Youth Engagement and Empowerment

I am so much more than just your average public speaker.

As a speaker, I aim to motivate people to action with my speeches. My work, however, does not end there. I need to have the knowledge and understanding of places they can go to make change happen. In light of this fact, I have created and maintained relationships with a wide variety of organizations to create change. I have created relationships and worked  with parents and educators to create a climate that empower youth in the time when they are finding their strength and confidence it takes to change the world. Being an unrepresented speaker means that all the speaking engagements and achievements I have are created by the power of good relationships with organizations, youth, educators and families.

I make it my goal to empower young people to challenge and change the things in the world they do not like. I have turned many motivated youth into productive members of charitable organizations that match their interests. I also build relationships with youth and I am always interested in hearing about how their lives have progressed. If they are unhappy with the change they affecting I work with them to find a place where they might gain a better opportunity to make their voices heard. Many young people want to be involved and change the current state of the world, but in a direct way, not only in selling t shirts or being event volunteers. They have brillant ideas that should be heard out by organizations and (when possible) considered.


I have lead several youth engagement processes and I am happy to continue this amazing and important work.

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    Hi, I have just lost a loved one to suicide due to mental health issue. And I am trying to create the suicide prevention app/website project . I would very much love to have your input. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.

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