Alicia has always found research exciting and loves solving complex problems. Her full resume can be found here

Young Adult Team Member, Mobilizing Minds(MM) November 2011 – Present

  • Working to transfer mental health information from academics to youth
  • Lead of the social media small team responsible for building the MM brand
  • Conducted usability and field testing on soon to be released “Mind Pack” tool
  • Public speaking lead on the on campus intuitive

Usability Tester, Research In Motion,  September 2011 to December 2011

  • Conducted user interviews to research issues with the track pad
  • Used R, SAS, and SPSS to analyze survey and experimental data
  • Analyzed data and created an issue report that was presented to senior management
  • Conducted feasibility research with a testing robot

Research Assistant, Dr Myra Fernandes, University of Waterloo May 2009- Present

  • Reviewed ethics protocol; conducted literature views, and aided with stimulus preparation
  • Assisted with various studies on context reinstatement, weapons focus etc.
  • Researched and

Research Assistant Dr DJ Brown  May 2011 – Present

  • Aided in participant running on a study researching emotional intelligence and stereotype threat
  • Coded data for mimicry between participants
  • Helped with stimulus preparation and pilot testing
  • Conducted literature reviews                                                                                                                                              

Usability Tester/ Researcher, Tony Haverda, Greg Beckman, Tanya Payne May 2010- August 2010

  •  Prepared scripts as well as the tasks for a usability experiment
  •  Analyzed and coded data from three major surveys (Over 1500 participants)
  •  Provided feedback on questions in surveys before distribution
  •  Prepared and Presented the data analyzed to separate groups
  •  Made a recording of the same presentation using Camtasia for the employee news letter
  • Conducted a literature review on technology acceptance models

Research Assistant Katie Webb, University of Waterloo January 2010- April 2010

  • Coded videos of couples interacting for a longitudinal study
  • Entered data for analysis the following morning
  • Attending weekly review meetings to follow ensure productivity
  • Helped with quantitative analysis of data

Research Assistant Robert Arrabitio, University of Waterloo, September – December 2009

  • Aided in research pertaining to a method of combating the vigilance decrement
  • Conducting literature reviews on various topics including usability of unmanned aerial vehicles, population demographics, as well as parameters for the stimulus in the experiment

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