Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Hey Superheros,


its been a while since i posted on here and I hope you are all doing well! Mental Illnesses Awareness week is coming up soon and that means I am jetting off to Ottawa to talk about mental illness on parliament hill.  It’s a scary thought!  We will hopefully be having a great time meeting new people and affecting real change. I wanted to set some goals for my self for next week and figured where better do it than a blog?

1) Know that you are good enough to be there. I have this bad habit of never thinking i deserve what I have…. but i think i should be able to peacefully accept that i am the right person to be part of this wonderful campaign

2) Don’t get offended by BlackBerry Addicts.  My friend tana, from the waterloo region suicide prevention council warned me that they are always on their blackberrys and are busy people. This doesn’t really mean im boring

3) Say it quickly. I have a habit of wandering off in speech, but I want to be able to have key points to get across to them before I lose there attention.

4) Have fun. How often do we get to go to ottawa and see some politicians!

5) Lastly, listen to others accomplishments without having the urge to one up. I do this a lot, and I think it causes me not have the greatest conversations or connections

That brings me to my three points I want to get across to politicians/attendees of MIAW week

1) Mental illnesses affects more canadians than cancer and heart diease combine.. so why does it have 13% of the funding

2) Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among youth, and over 90% of those youth have mental health issues. Why are we insisting working for them instead of with them to solve the problem? Working for them is clearly not working

3) People suffering with mental health issues spend more time hiding in fear of dealing with stigma than they do getting help. We should have stronger and more consistent conversations about mental health to create a culture where those with mental health issues and their families feel comfortable and can focus on getting better.


What do you guys think? Drop me your ideas in the comments!