Suicide Awareness Day

Suicide Awareness Day

Hey Superheroes,

Today is one of those strange days in the year where social media streams get flooded with anti-stigma posts and people sharing their dealings with suicide and mental illness. How many of these words, these statistics, or stories turn into something meaningful? How many people will remember today the next time they are feeling down and suicidal?  I have a love/hate relationship with days like these. Mental Illness is something we deal with every day, and while I wouldn’t advocate for everyones social media to be saturated every day with mental health information ( that’s overwhelming even for me) my hope is to transfer this energy into something good.

Give yourself a goal of something, big or small, you can do for the next year to change the current state of mental health. It can be volunteering, training yourself, educating yourself or attempting to have more honest conversations with friends and family.The journey can be a personal one, like educating yourself or finally getting help that you deserve, or public, like working with others to achieve a goal of some sort.

I know the ones lost by suicide are never far from anyones mind.  Their memories live on in the hearts of friends, families, and even complete strangers who were touched by their story. Many of you superheroes already do so much for mental health, but I have always found it helpful to have a goal to break down this large ambiguous goal of defeating stigma. Older superheroes help younger superheroes find their feet and their way of helping, realizing how they give back might not be the way you give back to the mental health community.

We all see the scary statistics today, that heart breaking stories, so lets make our personal plan to make a world where there are less shocking statistics and funerals and more stories of hope and recovery


Your Mental Health Superhero.