I Am A Face : Faces of Mental Illness campaign

I Am A Face : Faces of Mental Illness campaign

Hey Superheroes,

I have been chosen as one of the five faces representing mental illness for Canada on Mental Illness Awareness week! This is a huge honur and I am really excited! During the upcoming year I will get to be part of marquee event on Parliament Hill during MIAW; be featured in national public service announcements aired across Canada; and take part in a national media outreach campaign to tell their stories and carry on the vital mental health conversation in this country. I was chosen  out of over 90 applications and I am really excited for all that I will learn in this upcoming year.

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The other faces are:

Sandra Yuen MacKay An artist and author who shares her story widely to educate her community  about mental illness, from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dustin Garron A student and creator of The Mental Health Project from Renfrew, Ontario.

Laurie Pinard A former government employee who now teaches the benefits of fitness for mental wellness, from Ottawa, Ontario.

Chantal Poitras A volunteer with the Canadian Mental Health Association from Fredericton, New Brunswick.